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  1. Table showing requirement for DRRP Map
  2. Procedure for Digitization and Updating of Core Network
  3. Map showing ……
  4. Map showing……
  5. Map showing ……
  6. Task completion requirements
  7. Requirement of Legend for DRRP Map
  8. Map showing…..
  9. GPS Database Collecting GPS Instrument
  10. Field Database Preparation
  11. Legend of Core network map
  12. Check list for Core Network plan
  13. Map showing Core Network
  14. Legend of PMGSY Road Network
  15. Map showing PMGSY Road Network

Following Layers required for DRRP Map

File/Layer name Map layers Type
Habitation Habitations Point
Bound_State State Boundary Polygon
Bound_District District Boundary Polygon
Bound_Block Block Boundary Polygon
Bound_MPConst MP Constituency Boundary Polygon
Bound_MLAConst MLA Constituency Boundary Polygon
PWD_Division PWD Division Boundary Polygon
PWD_Circle PWD Circle Boundary Polygon
Bound_Forest Forest Boundary map Polygon
Bound_International International Boundary (Line) Line
Road_DRRP DRRP Road Line
Road_CN CN Road Line
Road_Surface DRRP Road Surface Type Line


Road CN-Segment CN Road Segment  Line
Bridge Bridges  Point
LevelCrossing Level crossing (Manned & Unmanned)  Point
Quarry Quarry (Stone & Sand)  Point
Market Market Centre Point
HQ_Administrative Administrative HQ (Revenue,Block,District,Panchayat) Point
WaterBody Water body Polygon
Tourist Tourist Place Point
Religious Religious place Point
Drainage Drainage Line
Railway Railway Line Line
Drainage Drainage Catchment Polygon

Procedure for Digitization and Updating of Core Network

1 Tracing

Before initiating for digitization, the features have to be extracted from the toposheets and traced on the tracing sheet because direct digitization from GT sheet is illegal.

The relevant information from various sources needs to be incorporated at this stage


1   Procure 1:50000 scale Survey of India (SoI) toposheet of the entire   district/ state.

2    Tracing should be carried out toposheet wise and not block wise.

3    The features should be traced on 75 micron thick Polyester  tracing sheet film using Rotring pens

4     Unfold the 1:50000 scale Survey of India (SoI) toposheet on  table

5     Cut the 75 micron thick polyester tracing sheet of equal size with  the shining smooth side directly it   touch wit the toposheet and the  rough side facing up

6    Fix the tracing paper on the map using cello tape so that it does not  move during the tracing process

7    Trace the inner boundary of toposheet using 0.5 mm black Rotring  Pen

8    Mention the reference number of the toposheet on the right corner   of the tracing sheet

9    Draw an index map on the bottom right side showing the   district/block in the toposheet

10   Mark the intersection of the various grids on the inner boundary as  a small perpendicular line with Rotring pen

11   Write the longitude and latitude at the four corners of the toposheet

12  These maps should be thoroughly checked

13 The writing should be legible and in capital letters

Digitization Process

1  Scan the tracing sheet containing the extracted features from  toposheets using map scanner

2   Use appropriate software and digitization method

3  Digitize the extracted features into right type of geometry e.g  Habitations into point, roads into polyline/mutiline, block boundary  into polygon.

4  The digitization output has to be checked by another person

5  After digitizing the different tracing sheets the data has to be mosaic  to form a complete map of area i.e. district, state.

6 There are different methods for edge matching or combining  various part map to form one complete map of the area using the facility in the software.

Our requirements for Task Completion

1 Maps mentioned in above 3 slides providing various information

2 Map created from Toposheets

3 BISAG map

4 Old core network

5 CN 1 Database


 Preparation of Field Database

Latitude and Longitude of all Habitation’s roads

Accuracy required in less than 7 meter

Actual road alignment

Man and Unman crossing

Road Junction

Major Bridge

Quarry Details

Forest details with concerned department

Verification of Database

Verification of Latitude and Longitude data with actual Toposheets database with actual.

Quarry Database

Man and Unman crossing

BISAG Map Correction

Preparing data of not connected Habitation

After collection of all above database, DRRP Map has to prepared having all the data as mentioned in the Legend.

Check list for Core Network plan

No habitation should be left without mapping on any link/through routes. The same can be checked by habitation wise core net report with blank details

If a TR/LR is made from multiple roads in OMMS there should be multiple entries with same LR/TR number for each DRRP road numbers

LR/TR number should not repeat in a block

Avoid loop formation in link routes and through routes made from VR or ODR

Through routes or Link Routes should not cross instead they can merge

There should not be any link routes joining two through routes

If a TR/LR is crossing the block boundary respective entry with corresponding number in that block should be    ensured

Check list for Core Network plan

TR/LR number should follow this format T06, L012 etc. no other alphabets should come in the numbers

The numbering of the core network should start from North East corner of the map and should proceed in clock wise direction.

If a link route is serving two or more habitations and if the higher population habitation is coming towards market centers, give another link number to the remaining portion of link route.

Link or through routes should be provided for habitations only not for any tourist/religious places, unless they are declared through a government notification.

Check and recheck the CN map, get it approved and then only make entries in OMMS

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