PMGSY DRRP WORK for Phase I & Phase II

In 2010, the Gujarat State Rural Road Development Authority initiated a project to use GPS (Global Positioning System) for preparing a GIS (Geographic Inform ation System) database to implement The Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) in all the districts of Gujarat aiming to give all-weather road connectivity (defined as being connected by a single all-weather road) to habitations with a population of 500 and above in plain areas and with 250 people and above in hilly, tribal and desert areas. As per the data published by the government in 2012, a total of 4715 habitations in Gujarat still do not have road connectivity.

The importance of the PMGSY stems from the fact that rural roads play an important role in the economic development of our country where a large percentage of people still live in rural areas and are heavily dependent on agriculture. Rural roads enable people to have access to basic economic and social services, and also to transport agricu ltural produce to the market centres.

We carried the project to use GIS for the PMGSY in Gujarat, preparing detailed District Rural Roads Plans (DRRP) and the Core Network (CN) Plans. The DRRP helps in providing connectivity to unconnected habitations in an economical and efficient way, in terms of cost and their utility. The Core Network Plan is the network of all the rural roads that are necessary to provide basic access to all the habitations which is extracted out of the total network of the DRRP, and consists of existing roads as well as the new roads required to be constructed for the as yet unconnected habitations.

The volume of information is difficult to process, manage, update, sort and retrieve by traditional, manual methods. A GIS database is quite suitable for planning, constructing and monitoring of rural roads since all the relevant data in this case is geographically referenced, and the GIS makes it very easy to store, retrieve, analyse and present geographically referenced data.

Out of a total of 25 districts in Gujarat, the GPS mapping and creation of a GIS database has been completed in about 20 districts. 

pmgsy-cdThe GIS maps thus finally prepared can be opened in Google Maps, Google Earth and ISRO’s Bhuvan without any external software which makes it very convenient for the concerned officials of the PMGSY and other government officials to check any  relevant data and monitor the construction of roads, etc., online from any convenient location.

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