Your consultant will need to match your work with other samples and to correct the common mistakes before the publishing.We offer Thermal Imaging services which can have a significant impact on your troubleshooting and maintenance productivity and Problems that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye are suddenly clear as day when you look through an infrared lens. We provide Thermal Imaging services for:

  • Pipelines: – Using thermal imaging helps in identifying leak detection in pipelines, pipe wall thickness, allows to track the extent of damage to the affected area and detect any buried metallic objects.
  • Buildings – A thermal imaging survey of building fabric identifies where air leaks in or out of buildings and show thermal insulation defects, faults such as leaks, that would otherwise have gone undetected visually are readily observed thermally, even in new buildings or units in multistory structures.
  • Bridges: imaging system records the infrared radiance of the bridge deck to locate cold and hot spots and track the extent of damage if any and any thermal insulation defects which are undetected visually.

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