CAD Consultant and Services is a leading organization that offers 2D mechanical engineering consultancy services and 3D CAD-based designing as well as BIM Modelling service.


CAD Consultant and Services offers mechanical engineering consultancy services and 3D CAD-based designing as well as modelling service. We provide mechanical engineering design solutions for a wide range of simple to high-end mechanical designs per customer’s needs. Our proficient mechanical engineering drafters, modelers, and designers enable you to design effective & efficient machines, tools, components, equipment, plants, etc. by combining our innovative thinking and solid engineering experience.

Product Design and Development

We design and develop numerous products that are beneficial in the mechanical sector. We take up projects from the scratch and also design the products according to the client requirements. Every product is designed, produced and ultimately brought into the production state with our engineering services. Our Engineering services also use prototypes to get a better understanding of the product before finalising it for production.

Reverse Engineering.

We provide reverse engineering services till the final production.

Conversion of Drawing.

We provide raster to vector conversion of drawings as well as offer manual drawings to be converted into different CAD format drawings. We are also experienced in actual scale drawings.

Piping Design.

From piping design to layout of equipment and process units in chemical, petrochemical or hydrocarbon facilities, we are responsible for the layout of overall plant facilities, the location of equipment and process units in the plot and the design of the connected piping. We work as per the applicable codes and standards to ensure safe operation of the facilities for the design life.  

Industrial Engineering with space Management.

We provide Industrial engineering services for a continuous production plan with space management. Our utmost priority is to ensure a safe environment for everyone who is working and the human anthropometry.

Analysis work.

We provide product and piping design analysis work and we are also branched towards product failure analysis services.

Customize Cad Programme.

We customize CAD for different CAD software’s to support tools and technology and make it suitable for client needs.

Assembly, Sub assembly exploded work.

We provide part modelling to sub assembly, assembly, exploded view and analysis of fitments.

Design of equipment.

We design different types of customized equipment for different processes as per the client requirement. We keep in mind the IS code while designing.